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    The ARC 540

    The ARC 540 Hockey Stick adds new technology to lighter weight to make this 405g stick our top of the line. We went hands-on with our engineers to make this stick one of a kind in several ways:
    • SLEEVE-TEC - Unique to Arc Hockey, we collaborated with our Ohio based carbon experts to design a carbon sleeve that slides over the blade and lower shaft of the stick. The result is a lightweight, stronger stick that maintains its feel over time creating better accuracy for your top-shelf snipes.
    • SEGMENTED BLADE TECHNOLOGY - gone are the days of the single foam core blade. Our new SBT blades are hand-crafted and built for more strength and a softer feel for dishing sauce.
    • REINFORCED HEEL - if you are like us, you hate it when the heel of your blade erodes from you banging on the ice begging for your buddy to finally see you wide open on the wing. Our carbon reinforced heel adds a special piece of hard carbon to minimize breakdown on the heel of the blade.