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    One of the hardest parts of buying a stick in today's market is knowing what stick features you need. Gone are the days when one piece of lumber was pretty much the same as the next. Now each stick comes with so many choices it's hard to know what's right. Follow our guide below to choose your Arc. Know Your Stick.


    The Arc 440 comes in an 85 flex. Strong enough for the big D-Man, flexible enough for the Top-Shelver. 

    Curve Pattern

    The curve pattern you choose tends to make the biggest impact on how much you will enjoy your Arc. While there are differences in shaft technology, these get noticed over time and usually by only the most sensitive player. The reality is that the lie, pattern and strength in the blade are what will make the most difference on the ice. The chart and descriptions below will help you choose the optimal blade pattern for the type of player you are.


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    Pattern Lie Description
    A92 6

    Want to embarrass that D-Man who put you into the boards last game? This stick is for the stick-handlers who like to dangle and score. A mid-toe 1/2" curve lets you toe-drag around the D then roof it with ease. Along with the A88, one of the most popular curves on the market.


    A88 6 Do a little of this, then a little of that? Stick handle a little, score a little, play D a little? This is a fairly deep (1/2") mid-curve that is balanced for good handling and quick release shots. One of the most popular blades that speaks to the old time hockey player. 

    Along with the A92, one of the most popular curves on the market.


    A14 5

    Similar to the A92 but not as pronounced. This 3/8" mid-toe curve pattern is great for the all-around dangler. If you want to make the switch from a mid-curve to a toe-curve for better handling, this pattern is right for you. This stick also comes in a 5 lie, so if you like the toe-curve of the P92 but skate lower to the ice, the A14 is your curve.


    AM9 5

    Like to dish it out? Love your cross-ice backhand sauce? This curve is your assist leader. A mellow 3/8" heel curve gives you excellent back and front feel on the puck. For the guy in your league who always tells you an assist is just as good as a goal.


    A91 5

    Play in the dirty areas? Like to get greasy in front? The open wedge 1/2" heel curve is perfect for the best in front. Tips, quick roofs and chips come off of this blade easily.